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What is the purpose behind this place called East Coast Dune Buggies?  There are already several good forums and sites that currently cater to the fiberglass dune buggy community, why is this one any different; what's the deal?

Welcome, and please accept an invitation to tour this gateway to the various, scattered websites that help contribute to our shared passion.  Along with unique information and original articles, the plan is not only to help increase the exposure of fiberglass dune buggies here on the east coast of the USA, but also to create a worldwide foundation that can be used by those that already possess our mutual addiction. From the guy (or gal) that may be researching the possibility of building or buying a dune buggy for the first time, to the hard-core addict that just can't seem to get enough information about the latest products, trends, news, and events.  I will try to do my best to keep this site updated with fresh content, so that your regular visits will hopefully be worth the effort.

I, by no means, am an expert on fiberglass dune buggies or the history that brought us together all to this point.  Growing up in the 1960's, I would see the ads in Popular Mechanics, Mechanics Illustrated, and the various VW and hot rod magazines, "Build your own Dune Buggy!"  As neat and exciting as that concept was at the time, the actual reality of it all seemed light years away.  After awhile, the ads themselves just started dying off, and the fleeting dream was forgotten.

Fast foward to sometime in early 2005.  I was pretty close to making the decision to actually pulling the trigger on a dune buggy build, and before the year was out, I was on my way down to the 2005 Bug Jam in Dade City, Florida to pick up my new body and tubular chassis.  Between that day and the moment I actually drove my creation on the public streets for the first time, I will admit experiencing excitement and wonder, confusion, frustration, and total cluelessness and apprehension (sometimes probably all in the same day).

Looking back, I feel extremely fortunate in the fact that the information that was available on the internet at the time (the content on the original Manx Club Forum and TheSamba was more helpful than you can even imagine) helped to create the foundation and the outline that I chose to follow.  In addition, the friendships and advice that I received, my finances, and just the overall timing (and in more than one case; total luck) on how most everything worked out really put an exclaimation point on my project.

If the content here on East Coast Dune Buggies helps you in any way, from technical advice (mostly provided by others), latest news, theories, events and cruises, to just steering you in the right direction by providing links for more detailed information, then I have accomplished my goal.

Thank you for visiting East Coast Dune Buggies,
Gary Holbrook - creator and webmaster, February 2, 2012
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