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Please read these directions from start to finish before actually filling in the required/optional blanks. These directions are meant to cover several different scenerios, so please confirm which category best applies to you.  Once you have filled out all of your chosen informantion and you hit the "Submit" button at the bottom for the final time, you will not be able to make and further changes, even when your marker is approved and appears on the map. Requests for changes, modifications, updates, etc need to be sent to ecdunebuggies@aol.com . Please allow up to 48 hours for markers either to be initially approved or modified.  Thanks.

This map was created to show markers in 4 categories; 1.) Fiberglass Dune Buggy Owners (red markers), 2.) buggy body and chassis manufacturers (yellow markers), 3.) fiberglass dune buggy builders (blue markers), 4.) Air Cooled VW Repair Shops (green markers), and 5.) Air Cooled VW Parts Dealers (light blue). In order to submit your request to have your marker added to the map, please use the following directions. Certain boxes require information to be submitted (highlighted in
Yellow below), others are optional. Please keep all of your information G - Rated, or your request for submittance will be denied:

After opening up the map using the link above (opens in a separate window) click on the Additions button located on the top Navigation Bar at the top of the map, and then select Add Marker - Detailed. A box entitled Add your Entry should appear in the middle of your screen. A list of tabs will be available along the top of the box, labeled: Location, Details, Media & Help.

1.) Location Tab:

Entry Name (Required), for example; Gary Holbrook or Gary0302's Berrien Dune Buggy, or something similar.

Address, City, Postal Code, County, State (Optional) OR specify a Longitude/Latitude (Optional), but your MUST choose between one of the 2 options. If you do not know your Longitude/Latitude, just slide the Add Your Entry box over to the side of the window (by grabbing the Title bar in the same manner that you would move an open window), and use the location controls on the extreme left of the window to zoom in on your requested location. North, South, East and West movement controls are located at the top left corner, with the Zoom control located just below. Once you have determined the location of your marker, click on the Map Select a Location choice in the Location Tab, Click OK on the small Click on Map to select location box, and then just Left Click on the map, then left click ONCE on the map at your desired location. The Longitude/Latitude coordinates will automatically fill in on the Location Tab (you will not yet see the red marker at this point).

IMPORTANT: please do not feel obligated to provide us with your exact location. You may choose any area/street location within your home city area. If you decide to privately enter your address as a marker reference, it will not show up for public viewing.

Marker Color: Red for Fiberglass Dune Buggy Owners,Yellow for Buggy Body and Chassis Manufacturers, Blue for Fiberglass Dune Buggy Builders, Green for Air Cooled VW Repair Shops, and Light Blue for Air Cooled VW Parts Dealers.

2.) Details Tab:

Dune Buggy Description or Business Details (Optional), you can name/describe your dune buggy, and if you would like to have others see your email address, you can include it in this block. IMPORTANT: If you are a Air Cooled VW Repair Business, you may want to enter your address and phone number along with featured services in this box as well (itís the only way this information will be visible for public viewing).

Email (Required), this box WILL NOT be visible to those that visit the map (but it will be visible to the map's administrator). Email addresses WILL NOT be used by the administrator (unless you need to be contacted for entry clarification), and email addresses WILL NOT be used for email distribution or shared with 3rd parties.

Phone (Optional), to be honest, I do not see a need to fill in this blank unless you are an Air Cooled VW Repair Shop; this blank will not be visible to those that visit the map (but it will be visible to the map's administrator).

Website URL (Optional)

Usernames/Forums (Optional), you can show your Username(s) with the domain names of the Forums that you have joined (example: Gary0302 at thesamba.com Forum). That way, others can join the Forum and contact you without having access to your email address.

Facebook link (Optional)

Twitter link (Optional)

3.) Media Tab

Photo (Optional), maximum viewable size is set at 200w x 150h pixels.

Audio (Optional)

YouTube Video ID (Optional), maximum viewable size is set at 200w x 150 pixels. The YouTube Video ID can be found at the end of the link assigned to your YouTube Video and just after the "equals" (=) character.  For example, if this was the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4lbdxB5UaE the YouTube Video ID would be h4lbdxB5UaE.  I am assuming that, since the Video ID can contain both upper and lower case letters, the YouTube Video ID is case sensitive.
You can then Preview your marker information by making that choice at the bottom of the window; then you can Submit your marker once you are completely satisfied with your included information. IMPORTANT: the Reset Button at the bottom of the window will clear all of the boxes back to blank and you must start the process completely over from the beginning, but it will not work after your have clicked on the Submit button for the final time.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: After you hit the Submit button, you may see one or more address choices drop down from the Address Box. You will either have to select the best choice or determine your Longitude/Latitude coordinates manually before hitting the Submit button again and for the final time (I agree, it can be confusing). You will then get a confirmation that your Entry was accepted (pending approval by the administrator).

Once you have submitted your marker for approval, please allow at least 48 hours before it actually appears on the map (hopefully, most wait times will be shorter).

If you have any questions or if you want to modify or delete your entry (requests must come from the same email address that is privately listed in your entry), please send them to ecdunebuggies@aol.com

Gary Holbrook, Fiberglass Dune Buggy Owner Locator Map Administrator
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Fiberglass Dune Buggy Owner Locator Map can be found here
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