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Creatividad: Dune Buggy Argentino

Firestone commercial with VW Buggy

Travelocity Dune Buggy Commercial

Bruce Meyers on Jay Leno's Garage

First Baja 1000 - 27 Hours to La Paz (featured on ECDB homepage)

Meyers Manx! World's First Fiberglass Dune Buggy (featured above)

International Buggy Fan Meeting (featured above)

VW Movie from 1971 assortment of VWs including dune buggies 8:58 (NEW)

Our First Buggy Summer 1969 - Pismo Beach 4:18 (NEW)

Mini Melon Ice Cream Surfing TV Commercial (Australian) 1968, 33 sec (NEW)

Classic Juicyfruit Chewing Gum Ad 1984, 29 sec (NEW)

Manx Buggy Club (Australia) Playing 1:46

2007cc VW Beach Buggy Wheelie 28 sec. - I laugh every time I see this clip

Gorillaz - 19 2000 Souldchild Remix

Mike Rag's Deserter GS (nice example) 53 sec

How Maneuverable is a Dune Buggy? 1:02

Dune Buggy Daredevils 1974, 7:01 (nice homemade vintage movie, shot on the south side of Orlando, Florida)

Orange Beach Buggy Throwing Up The Spray, 1:30 (who is that dude with the coal black hair?)

Art Center Classic Car Show Interview with Bruce "Mayers" 3:22 (the reporter obviously did not do his homework)

Steve McQueen Thomas Crown Dune Buggy, 1:10 (Steve McQueen talks about his sand dune buggy)

Dune Buggy Tours Australia - Coffs Harbour, 3:29 (nice dune buggy to dune buggy video on the beach)

Meyers Manx Dune Buggy - Bruce Meyers Tribute, 6:57 (great vintage footage, shows Baja 1000)

Manx Having Fun at Colorado River, Borrego Springs, & Ocotillo Wells, New Year's Day 2009, 2:43

Updated 4-9-2016
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