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Dune Buggy/Automotive Apps For Your Smartphone
(submitted January 30, 2012)

My plans were to have this East Coast Dune Buggies website much closer towards completion before I actually uploaded it to the internet and announced its arrival to those in the fiberglass dune buggy community.  Well, as I was gathering content, I remembered about a website from a few years back, called Volkscast Radio; containing interviews with famous and important folks well known within the air cooled VW community.  Back in 2006 I recalled that Ray Iddings, owner and host of Volkscast Radio, had posted a two-part interview with Bruce Meyers; creator of the original Meyers Manx dune buggy.  Bruce's words really opened me up about his thoughts, desires, ways of reasoning and approaches to design; not only about the Meyers Manx, but his other creations and possible future plans.  He discussed his younger days, way before the concept and production of the Manx, and how those experiences came together to help form his path in life from that point forward.

I was hoping to find a link for those recordings; but no luck.  I then started searching the web for Ray Iddings himself.  After finally finding his email address, I wrote to inquire if the files were still posted to the net, along with permission to link them back to my new domain name and web pages.  I also sent him a few working screenshots of my site, along with a basic outline of what I was trying to accomplish.  Ray responded that the files were not currently available on the net, but that he would be happy to send them to me directly, allowing me to actually host the two-part interview on East Coast Dune Buggies.  Obviously, I was totally surprised and and I told him it would be an honor to do so. Ray also provided introductory text as a way of explaining the background of the recordings along with a Volkscast Radio graphic, which I also greatly appreciated.  After that, I decided that I did not want to keep these recordings under wraps for too long.  I felt it was best to get them back out there in the public domain, where they actually belong, as soon as possible.

The website for East Coast Dune Buggies still has incomplete links, unfinished articles and content, a few graphics out of whack, and a few other issues that need to be ultimately worked out sometime in the very near future.  However, I do believe that the site itself is far enough along so that others can at least begin to check out the basics what we have to offer.  Please enjoy your visits, and check back regularly for updates.

Gary Holbrook - creator and webmaster of East Coast Dune Buggies
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