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Here's your chance to post a photo of your favorite ride for all of the world to see.

Photos are restricted to completed fiberglass dune buggies only.  Mousing over the image gives it's description, and clicking on the image opens it up in a new popup window.  Newest photos will appear at the top of the page.
Click here to submit your photo.  All submitted and approved photos should be posted within 48 hours from the time of receipt.  Idea for this page was proposed by Scott Sain, host of VW Drag Night.
"The Collizziano Orange" - Bought in the winter of 2013. Finished it the summer of 2014. After a motor swap in 2017 it is back on the road. Pan is 1963, body is a 1969 Spatz that has been modified to repair previous owner damage. Manx clone, disc brakes on all 4 corners, with Chevy bolt pattern, master cylinder and brake lines, torque thrust wheels, 17x8 rear 16x6 front, adjustable front beam and rear plates, 14” windshield, custom powder coated roll bar, custom heavy duty frame, custom Bimini top and back area cover, custom tail lights and front turn signals. 1915cc motor with mild cam, dual 44mm Weber carb's, dual spring heads, serpentine belt system putting out 125hp, powder coated tin. Owned by Bill Gierke, Plant City, FL. 1966 Chassis with a B&N Fiberglass "Viper" body. The engine is a dual carb 1600. Owned by Bruno Tabacchi, North Lewisburg, Ohio, USA Late 60’s Desert Fox ‘Spoiler”.  Corvair engine and drivetrain with a Hadley Eng. TransVair kit. Owned by: Rick Norris, Hurricane WV-USA
Custom Dune Buggy owned by Dennis Jacobs since 1972.  Complete body-off restoration, National and International Class winner in 2000-3001 with the ISCA Auto Shows on the east coast of the USA.  All Points winner with the AVA Acc in Pa. Meyers Manxter 2+2, Owned by Charlie & Reta Senft, Lancaster, PA, USA Ohio Based Manx - rebuild of a 1968 Manx body on a Berrien Buggy frame.  Powered by a Jake Raby 2230 cc Type IV EFI powerplant.  Submitted 9/26/2012 1968 Deserter owned by Charles R. Tupper, Edisto Island, SC.  Submitted on 9/2/2012
Subaru powered Manxter 2+2 owned by Adam Hostetler near Pittsburgh, PA, USA .  Submitted 05/22/2012 Sidewinder Buggy owned by Blake the Collie Dog, running out of Windsor, UK.   Submitted on 03/13/2012 1970 Shalako Owned by Yessong, Long Island, NY.  Submitted on 02/15/2012 Berrien Nostalgia Drag Dune Buggy owned by Scott Sain of Johns Island SC, USA..  Submitted 02/06/2012
1968 Manx I body on 1967 VW swing axle chassis, owned by Bud Zeller, on the Riverfront in Wilmington NC, USA.  Submitted 05/05/2012 Kathleen’s Manxter at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah USA, 2010.  Submitted on 02/02/2012 Berrien Nostalgia Dune Buggy owned by Gary Holbrook,  Jacksonville NC USA.  Submitted 02/02/2012
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