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Photos are restricted to completed fiberglass dune buggies only, and should be submitted in landscape (vs portrait) format - see below.  After approval, thumbnail of final image will be automatically resized to the dimensions that you see here on the ECDB Reader's Rides - Gallery page.  Mousing over the image gives it's description, and clicking on the image opens it up full size in a new popup window.

Requirements:  Submitted photos should be at least 500 x 332 (minimum) or larger.  Brief description of your dune buggy followed with "owned by," followed by your First and Last Name (or one of your Usernames from the various forums; your Last Name is optional), followed by City, State, and Country.  Example: Berrien Nostalgia Dune Buggy owned by Gary Holbrook in Jacksonville NC, USA.

Date photo was submitted will be added to the photo's description once the photo is posted.  Newest photos will appear at the top of the page.  One photo per vehicle only, please (owners with more than one fiberglass dune buggy can submit one photo each per vehicle). 

Send your photo, with description and based on the above requirements, to the email address listed below.  Place the text "'ECDB Reader's Rides - Gallery" in the Subject line:


Please allow 48 hours for photo to be added to the ECDB Reader's Rides - Gallery page.  Idea for this Reader's Rides Gallery was proposed by Scott Sain, host of VW Drag Night.
Portrait Image - No
Berrien Nostalgia Dune Buggy owned by Gary0302, Jacksonville NC USA. Submitted 2/2/2012
Landscape Image - Yes
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