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I would like to personally thank the following for their contributions to this East Coast Dune Buggies website.  Their articles, background information, media files, photos, and feedback is and always will be greatly appreciated.  Contributors are listed in alphabetical order.
Gary Holbrook, East Coast Dune Buggies
Alex Dearborn, designer of the Deserter GT - I look forward to staying in touch with old friends and customers, and will be available to do pre-purchase inspections and opinions of value on the cars of my specialty... pre-1971 Mercedes-Benz, 356 Porsches, and vintage European sports cars. Kittery Point is the southernmost town in Maine, 1.5 hours from Boston. Danna and I expect to do road trips with various vintage car clubs, and hope to see you on the road, too.

Website: http://dearbornauto.com, Email: alex@dearbornauto.com,  Mobile: 978-590-5079.
Tom Iacoboni - Tom has been a VW enthusiast since 1968 when he received his first VW.  His love of tinkering and modifying VWs continues to this day.  He has owned several Beetles and watercooled VWs and even raced Formula Vs for 7 years.  Tom began to build his first buggy in 1970 but the draft interrupted his plans.  That dream was tabled for years.  In 1995 the buggy opportunity struck again when he found a FiberFab dune buggy that was a basket case.  After years of restoration, he made it through DMV in 1998.  He has since sold the FiberFab and purchased a Kickout SS kit.  In 1999, he went to the Pomona Swap Meet in California, met Bruce and Winnie Meyers, and joined the Manx Club.  Tom is now a retired aerospace, manufacturing engineer and has volunterred time to the Manx Club as the treasurer since 2008.  In 2002, after raising 2 sons, his wife Kathleen decided to get involved in the "buggy madness".  She purchased a Manxter and with Tom's know-how and help, got it on the road in 2004.  With the encouragement of Tom, the car has seen many modifications and has been driven over 29,000 miles. (Submitted by Tom Iacoboni, 1/26/2012)
Ray Iddings - In 2005, Iddings, a Volkswagen enthusiast, launched "VolksCast Radio" a live internet-based broadcast catering to VW drag racing. The show's engaging repartee with featured drag racing luminaries and along with the growing fan base led to a strategic relationship with Rich Christensen, the star of SPEED'S top rated television series "PINKS."  By 2006, Iddings and Christensen were on the air with "PINKS RADIO" leading to the creation of RCE Radio Networks. A format transition to "Rich and Raydio" facilitated a desire to discuss not only "PINKS" but also other motor sport programming ideas that were being set in motion.

In early 2007, SPEED gave the green light to Christensen's "Launch Hour" concept, an incubator of new show ideas where television viewers decide which programs make the fall schedule. Christiansen tapped High Five Entertainment to produce the pilot and HFE President Martin Fischer brought Ray on board to lend his considerable expertise. Two of the "Launch Hour" shows made it into SPEED'S line-up "Drag Race High" and the top rated game show "Pass Time."  In addition to developing programming for SPEED, Iddings produces a new show for MTV2, "Burnout -The Ultimate Drag Race Challenges."
East Coast Dune Buggies/eastcoastdunebuggies.com is in no way representing or affiliated with Volkswagen of America, or Volkswagen of Germany.
Volkswagen, VW, and the VW logo are Trademarks of and owned by Volkswagen of America and Volkswagen AG.

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