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Who Made My Dune Buggy?
Here is the scenario; you own a fiberglass dune buggy, the enjoyment that you experience either meets or exceeds your expectations, but you have one burning question: “Who made my dune buggy, and what brand is it?”

First things first, dune buggies were never produced in an assembly-line fashion in the traditional sense.  Even though there have been a few builders out there that have specialized in turn-key dune buggies (a few still do), most have been one-off builds; assemblies that took place in someone’s home garage.  These builds also incorporate a varied assortment of salvaged parts, aftermarket accessories, and at times; custom fabricated components.

For the sake of simplicity, it is common for owners to identify the brands of their dune buggies with the various manufacturers of fiberglass dune buggy bodies that have been produced over the years.  So for example, if some says “I own a Manx”, the reality is that they own a dune buggy with a fiberglass Meyers Manx body that may have been mounted on an original shortened VW Beetle chassis/pan or on one of the aftermarket tubular chassis setups that have been/are available.

Getting back to the original question, what do you do if your fiberglass dune buggy body has no obvious brand name attached, how do you find out who made it?

Once again, reality sets in; many of the dune buggy bodies that were produced in their day may have been made in such small quantities that renders them totally untraceable.  But there may be hope, by using the available tools on the Dune Buggy Archives.  This website is considered to be one of the best sources available in cataloging dune buggy bodies based on their characteristics (types of hoods, dashes, fenders, etc).  Choose the “Buggy ID” button in the left hand column, and then click on the various features that are best associated with the dune buggy body that is in question.  This process can be hit or miss, and I do wish you the best of success in your research.
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