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Like many of you I love VWs, it was my first car, my first taste of freedom. The experience of riding, owning and enjoy a VW inall of its forms
from Buggy to Bus is universal. In the fall of 2005, what would
be know as Volkscast Radio was born. Every show and
every guest had to answer the same first question, “What
is your VW story.” Everyone has one and that was the tie
that binds for the show. I have an affinity for fast VWs so
many of the early shows focused on that; VW Drag Racers,
Ron Flemming, Clyde Berg, Gary Berg, Jesse James (yup,
that famous Bike Builder), Dyno Don Chamberlain. Then in Nov
of 2006, I interviewed the creator of the Meyers Manx; Bruce Meyers.
"Tell me your VW story.” Bruce’s interview was fascinating to me, as with any Icon and Bruce IS an Icon, you never realize how multidimensional some folks are. Bruce has depth of a life consumed and studied, not just lived. From his story of World War II, to the merchant marines, then of course to the MANX, I was drawn into his lyrical speech; his view that “there is art in everything”. Bruce's interview was the first time the show was ever recorded in a two-part format and for good reason; amazing, rich and surprising.

I hope you find this interview as compelling as I did. If you own a Manx you may think it’s a “fun” little ride but to Bruce “It had to flow”. I think even with all the copy cats, the reason why a Real Meyers Manx is the best is that it has blood, sweat and tears from a man that deserves more recognition than he gets.

Ray Iddings
Creator and Host
Volkscast Radio

(Submitted by Ray Iddings, January 19, 2012)
While Volkscast Radio is no more, these days Ray Iddings is a Television Producer and still a VW enthusiast.
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Bruce Meyers at the 1st annual Manx on the Banx, October 2011
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