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During the year of 1718, Blackbeard spent his last days off of the coast of the Carolinas.  In May, his ship (Queen Anne's Revenge) briefly blockaded the port of Charleston. Then in June, he ran his ship aground in shallow waters in what was then Old Topsail Inlet, now known as Beaufort Inlet, NC.  Blackbeard briefly settled in Bath, NC after being granted the King's pardon by North Carolina's Governor Charles Eden.  After taking to the ocean's waters again in November, Blackbeard was confronted by the Royal Navy at Ocracoke Inlet, NC; during the battle he and some of his crew were killed.

After Intersal, Inc. (a private, Florida-based research firm) located what is believed to be the submerged remains of the Queen Anne's Revenge in 1996, the Division of Archives and History's Office of State Archaeology began to oversee the process of recovering artifacts from the wreckage site.

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