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Berrien Buggy By Acme, Now Adding Chassis Numbers

Press Release from Berrien Buggy by Acme Car Company, New Cumberland, PA. Dated October 31, 2012:

Beginning with production on 11/1/12 all chassis will be assigned a chassis number. The number will be stamped into the top left arm rail, behind the front roll cage hoop, for sand rails. On Nostalgia’s on the bottom left frame horn, just behind the lower beam clamp, under brake line tab. The number will be determined as follows: First 5 digits are the part number (ex.BB320), the next 4 are year and date (ex. 1211), the last three are the production number, (ex. 001). This chassis number as stamped on the frame would be, BB3201211001.
Dan Mickle, Director of Marketing for Acme Car Company explained that the chassis numbers are strictly for their records and identification. They are not VIN numbers. Titling and registering sand rails and dune buggies can vary from state to state, so it is best to check with each state's Department of Motor Vehicles for more details. Acme Car Company's website can be found at www.acmecarco.com, their email address is info@acmecarco.com, and their contact phone number is 717-774-9450.