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The "Us" on this page also includes the various Contributors to this site, both those that have submitted articles, photos, media, etc and others that assist with background research and technical advice.  I cannot thank this group enough for their valuable information and input.  Because of the nature of this website and the internet itself, the green light is always on in order to add new content, modify or update older content, or to change our direction if the need arises.

I myself, as the creator (for better or worse) and webmaster of East Coast Dune Buggies, do not claim to have anywhere near the experience or technical savy as those that are considered national staples in the fiberglass dune buggy community.  I do remember that back in 2005, while I was researching the possibility of an actual dune buggy build,  I had to admit to myself that I was totally clueless as to where to even start the process.  The only avenues open to me (or so I thought) were a few generic books on dune buggy building, and the original Manx Club forum.

Aside from the experience I have obtained from building/driving/maintaining my dune buggy, my overall recreational and relative background experience includes:

Skydiving - 1000+ jumps, give or take; former USPA Certified Instructor, D Licence #5857, former competitor in 4-way Relative Work on the regional and national level, former demonstration jumper and video freefall photographer.  I have not made a skydive since sometime in 1995, although I have had the opportunity to enjoy simulated freefall in some of the wind tunnels here in the southeast USA.

Hanggliding - years ago, took some beginning courses through Kitty Hawk Kites on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Bungee Jump - made one bungee jump in Wilmington NC, through a company called Fungee Bungee (it really only consisted of a few instructors and a crane with a basket located on Oleander Drive).

Windsurfing - back in the mid to late 1980s, and even though  I did own a shorter/slalom board for higher winds, most of my windsurfing consisted of the long board triangle racing (smaller version of the course that is used in America's Cup racing, for example). 

Ultralights - flew and assembled ultralight kits out at a grass strip that was located just outside of Stedman, NC. 

Fiberglass - back when I was much younger, I worked in 2 boat factories in Greenville, NC (Grady White Boats and North American Fiberglass).  My duties included shooting gelcoat in the molds, followed up by fiberglass chop, wiring and water-testing boats with inboard motors, and filling seats with expandable foam.

Sewing - although I have forgotten most of what I knew about sewing, I did have some basic experience on the old Singer 2110 and 2115 commercial sewing machines, most of which included basic skydiving related repairs and upgrades, along with the making of skydiving accessories.

Basic hand tools and powertools - not much to add here, I know enough to get me by in most, non-specialized situations.

Photography - my skills have diminished over the years, but I used to work in a commercial photography studio, both as a wedding photographer and with processing both color and black & white photography.

Basic website design and computer skills - once again, I know enough to get me by in most situation; but I learn more each day.

Basic, and I do mean BASIC general automotive knowledge -  I know bits and pieces, although I did learn enough to successfully complete my dune buggy build with a little help from my friends (well, more than just "a little" help).

Thanks for checking us out,

Gary Holbrook
East Coast Dune Buggies
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