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(Note:  Once the details are finalized as it relates to the dune buggy area of the 2012 Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals, Tom will provide an update; so please check back again sometime in the near future)

Well Dune Buggy people - it is almost time for the annual get-together in Carlisle, PA May 18th - 20th, 2012. I will be going for the 4th time this year and would like to give you a little history from my view. The 1st year Kathleen & I went (2009), the dune buggy area was organized by John Sheppard of Dune Buggy Archives. They supplied a tent in a large area for the buggies to gather and get out of the sun. It was also a place to get out of the rain later in the event. This event was notable in that Bruce Meyers unveiled the Myers Manx Kick-Out SS for the 1st time. All his other recent unveilings were done at west coast events, so this was quite a change and an honor to be there.

In 2010, John was unable to set up the event, so wanting to continue the gathering, I stepped forward. The Manx Club paid for the tent. Tom Thompson of TJ Kustoms had a BBQ Friday night. I found out an original Monoque Manx was going to be there and I thought it would be great if we could get a picture of Bruce with all of his creations. In addition of the Monoque, we had an early Manx, Lifeguard Manx, Tourista, Signature Manx & Manxter. We were unable to get a Towd & Kick-Out. I have supplied a copy of that picture. We decided to go on the cruise set up by Ed B. of Carlisle Events, which took us through the Amish countryside north of Carlisle. After that we had a dinner with Bruce & Winnie for members of the Manx Club in a local restaurant. I also had a small trophy made up for “Bruce's’ Pick” for a Manx Club members buggy. The chosen buggy was owned by Vincent Parisien, from Montreal, Canada. This is the buggy that has been driven “everywhere”.

After the successful 2010 event, I decided to try again in 2011. Tom Thompson did the BBQ again (thanks Tom!), we did the group buggy picture again, and the cruise went south this time to the Gettysburg area. We had dinner again with Bruce, and the chosen buggy was owned by Adam Hostetler. For a change, no rain all weekend!

I can’t tell you everything that will be going on for 2012 yet, because it is still being planned. However, some things already in the can are - a new featured guest - Alex Dearborn, of Deserter buggy fame. Another cruise in the area, probably an other dinner, and there may be another guest. Keep paying attention to this site and others for more news. Thanks!
by Tom Iacoboni, submitted January 20, 2012
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