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A Look Back at the 2010 Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals
by Tom Iacoboni, submitted January 20, 2012
On the weekend of May 21st - 23rd 2010, we held the 1st “East Coast Manx Club Event”.  It was held in conjunction with the Carlisle Import & Kit Car Show, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  We chose this location because Bruce & Winnie Meyers would be there, and everyone should have the chance to meet them.  They don’t make it to the east coast very often.

The event was different than the West coast events which are for Manx Club members only and the weekend is dedicated to FG buggies and their owners with a mix of FUN, FUN, FUN!  This Manx Club Event was in conjunction with an existing show, the Import & Kit Car Show with its own agenda so, this became an event-in-an-event.  Anyone with a buggy could attend the Carlisle Show but there were a few private things that only the Manx Club members were invited to attend.  There was still FUN, FUN, FUN to be had by all!

On Friday during the day, as buggies arrived, they parked in the dune buggy area.   We had a tent reserved where the Manx Club banner was displayed and people could ask about, or join the club.  There were 6 renewals at the show.  It was warm & sunny.   That night, everyone was invited to a barbeque hosted by Tom Thompson of Tijuana Kustoms.  Burgers, hot dogs, salads and buggy friendships were savored thanks to his hospitality.  There were about 20 people in attendance including Bruce and Winnie.

Saturday morning brought the return of the buggies from Friday, and more arrived. We had a grand total of 34 buggies!  I know it doesn’t sound like much from a West Coast perspective, but there aren’t as many buggies here as on the west coast.   As the day warmed up, Rod Christman (member #2339) and I were kept busy.  Rod supplied a VCR so we could play Manx Club videos.   I would like to thank him for his creativity and help.

Times were set aside for Bruce to speak on Friday & Saturday.  These sessions were held at our tent.  As usual, Bruce was able to engage the audience with his fascinating buggy stories.

After his final talk on Saturday, we had a unique photo opportunity.  When I found out that Chris Lewis would be attending with the #7 Monoque Manx, I thought it would be great to get a picture of Bruce and all his creations together.  Unfortunately, we were 2 buggy styles short of this goal.  The final picture included a Monoque, Manx, SR, Lifeguard, Tourista, Signature Manx & Manxter.  I hope the next attempt @ this photo will include the missing Towd and Kick-Out.  West coast, can you meet the challenge?

Ed Buczeskie, one of the Carlisle Event personnel, hosted an 80 mile cruise through the Pennsylvania Dutch countryside in which 17 of the buggies participated.  While on our travels, we were shocked to meet up with another group of buggies!  One major difference- these were horse drawn buggies owned by the Amish!  They looked like they were having fun checking out our buggies as we checked out theirs.  This explained why we had to dodge fresh road apples,

We saw 7 covered bridges on our trek through the Amish countryside.  At one of the covered bridges we watched a dump truck that was too large for the covered bridge approach from the other side.  I wondered how he thought he would get through the bridge.  Moments later my pondering was answered when the truck got off the road and crossed the stream!  That was all it took for some members to forge the stream.  So, we had a water crossing, which was our extreme off road portion.   It started raining half way through the cruise, and continued through the rest of the weekend.  This put a slight damper on the fun, but we kept going.

On Saturday evening the Meyers and I hosted a Manx Club dinner @ a local restaurant.  This gave the Manx Club members some intimate time with each other and the Meyers.  Everyone took advantage of the pleasant surroundings and friendships.

Sunday morning, we gathered again @ the Carlisle Fairgrounds.  The day dawned cloudy and rainy but didn’t dampen everyone’s fun.  The Manx Club part of the Carslile Event ended when Bruce presented the trophy.  Vincent and France Parisien from Montreal, Canada received the trophy which was “Bruce Meyers Pick” for the show.  Only Manx Club members were eligible for this award.

The plan is to host another East Coast Manx Club event in 2011.  We hope to do something in conjunction with an existing event, or perhaps a separate event, like a weekend cruise, driving Skyline Drive in Virginia.  This would be a more central location on the east coast.  Let’s start a thread on the Manx Club website to discuss a 2011 East Coast Manx Club Event in more detail.  I look forward to the conversation and next year!
Bruce Meyers and 7 of 9 of his creations
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