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Updated October 17, 2016

2017 Buggies on the Beach at Amelia Island, FL, May 26 - 28,
on Facebook

2016 Manx On The Banx: October 10 - 16, 2016, Dates Announced

Carolina Dune Buggies announces new build, parts, service, and
restoration shop located in Eden, NC.

"Baja Social Club" New Movie - Check out the Preview on YouTube

News and Articles - Archive
New Soft Tops by Berrien Buggy - Acme Car Company

The revamped Berrien Buggy website is now up and running with exciting information about the newest METALFLAKE options for their fiberglass dune buggy bodies; check it out.

New and Featured Products - Archive
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Carolina Dune Buggies
Eden, North Carolina
Who Actually Invented This Car?
Travelocity Dune Buggy Commercial
Vintage Dune Buggy Footage
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2017 Buggies on the Beach on Facebook